Because this is Indiana, after all

I have made fun of Indiana before for having multitudinous open fields. I sure am glad that she has a sense of humor, otherwise this state would not be continuing a yield of superb grassland birds.

#128 Henslow's Sparrow

#128 Henslow’s Sparrow

This, my friends, is a Henslow’s Sparrow. Good for year bird #128 and life bird #207. He was found defending his territory from a tall tower of stalk that rose a majestic two feet higher than the surrounding fescue, chirping his head off for an easy ID and photo. There was quite a lot of chatter on the IN-Bird-L listserve about several of these fellows at a new (for me) place southwest of town called Arrowhead Prairie. So I made the trip today and found one almost instantly. Birding satisfaction.

Cool fact: According to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Henslow’s Sparrow was named by John James Audubon for his friend, John Stevens Henslow, who went on to teach one Charles Darwin.


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