Correction: It turns out I did not actually see a Philadelphia Vireo. It was a more-yellow-than-usual Warbling Vireo. Oops. But the next day I went back to Arrowhead Prairie with hopes of seeing the newly reported Sedge Wren. I got it, plus another life bird in Bobolink, for year birds #140 and #139 respectively.

#139 Bobolink

#139 Bobolink

This male Bobolink is molting into his basic plumage for the fall, which is why he looks so weird. I was unable to get a photo of the Sedge Wrens and actually only saw one of them for a split second as it flew up above the grass before diving back down into cover. But two were calling back and forth the whole time, making the ID fairly straightforward.


One thought on “Correction

  1. Hello, I just came across your blog yesterday. I’m a soon to be college student (at Taylor University) who really likes to bird. I just recently moved to Indiana and don’t know good places to bird but this post gave me somewhere to start. I went to Arrowhead Prairie, Eagle Marsh, and Fox Island today and was able to see 34 species of birds including 5 lifers (Bank swallow, Dickcissel, Henslow’s sparrow, Prothonotary warbler, and Cliff swallow) which brought my life list to 221. Thanks for the post.

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