The Mind of a Birder

Having just finished a Thanksgiving trip to see family, my mind has not been completely on birds lately. As amusing proof, I happened to glance at my Google search history. We birders do have other interests that occasionally diverge from field marks. So I offer you this snapshot into the mind of a birder. Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


3 thoughts on “The Mind of a Birder

  1. Thanks for the inquiry! According to Wikipedia, the biggest nut is the sea coconut, which is knowledge that will definitely come in handy. “Hippopotamus with Noodles on My Back” is officially the #1 jam of the summer, and is known to be the only thing that will placate a crabby 1-year-old who is getting his hair cut. As for Dos Taquitos, it is a Mexican restaurant that delivers your chips on a model train and is haunted by the ghosts of 19th century slaves and 20th century serial killer victims. The more you know!

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