Some Quick Stuff

I don’t have much to say, so this update is really only so that I can post some photos of my lifer Northern Parula seen yesterday whilst motorless. This the second time I have lifered this year using just my own two feet.

Northern Parula

Northern Parula

This warbler took me an embarrassingly long time to get on the old life list. It wasn’t really a nemesis since I never really tried to track it down; it was just one of my most glaring holes. Now that it is taken care of, that honor probably goes to White-Eyed Vireo or Ruddy Duck.



On the camera with all of the other blurry and backlit photos was this amusing one of the bird taking off. It reminds me of those horrible race photos of people running marathons with all the sweat and tormented facial expressions.

Funky-Eyed Brown-Headed Cowbird

Funky-Eyed Brown-Headed Cowbird

The only other decent photo opp came from this Brown-Headed Cowbird with a funky eye. Cool story.


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