Shedding the Monster

Birding is frequently my release for the week. I had some pent up rage when I finally got home today, so I unleashed it appropriately by doing a brisk 12 mile bike ride to Fox Island County Park and back to mop up some shrubland species for the motorless list. The weather was perfect, and I enjoyed the trip just as much as the destination. A few weeks ago a friend shared this video, and it is about how I felt today.

Yellow-Breasted Chat

Yellow-Breasted Chat

This Yellow-Breasted Chat was the surprise for the day and became motorless lifer #5 for the year. Together with the also newly added Yellow Warbler and Field Sparrow, my list for the year now stands at 94 species. I think that I both set my bar a little low with 100 species, and also that I have been putting more effort into this endeavor than I thought I would be. It has been fun, and much more rewarding than regular listing.



Speaking of having fun, Earl has been associating with a certain other bunny.

Gratuitous Bunny Foreplay

Gratuitous Bunny Foreplay

At first I thought he was having a turf dispute, and then I thought maybe he was horsing around with an old college buddy. But after closer examination, it appears that we are all witnessing the beginning of more bunnies. Earl’s got hops, and the ladies approve.


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