Just an update. No more, no less.

Last weekend I allocated many hours to undertake a 25ish mile bike trek to Arrowhead and back in the hopes of putting some serious weight on my motorless list.

I had grand dreams of excellent Indiana grassland birds: Henslow’s Sparrow, Bobolink, and Northern Bobwhite. And if those failed, I would at least be guaranteed to rack up American Kestrel and Eastern Meadowlark.



Let it be known that none of these were had, with the sole exception of Eastern Meadowlark. This might be the only instance in recorded history where one rode a bicycle 25 miles through the Midwest countryside and did not see an American Kestrel. But surprise birds were two flyover Great Egrets, finally. I ended the day with a list of 106.

Woody Lair

Woody Lair

The scenery was, however, fantastic. I even discovered an unknown-to-me nature preserve with tall, dense conifers that really stood out weirdly in the rest of the farm country. I stopped to stick my head in this strange place, enticed by the fluting of Wood Thrushes from within, but they were not to be on that day.

Pearl Crescent

Pearl Crescent

I found some (tiny!) butterflies, though!

So it goes.

So it goes.

So that I don’t finish this post without any pictures of birds at all, here is a John James Audubon/Kurt Vonnegut (hey, he’s from Indiana, yo!) mashup that I drew while screwing around and listening to Joy Division during Walter’s naptime today to release a bit of angsty existentialism.


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