Octobirds and Novembirds

I am 100% sure I have used this as a blog post title before. Oh well.



I also featured Dunlin in the last post, too. But these are motorless Dunlin!

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson’s Snipe

Ditto goes for Wilson’s Snipe. But motorless makes up for the gross reduction in photo quality. Bonus: can you spot the Killdeer? Yes? Okay, well then what about the White-Rumped Sandpipers that literally everyone else in the county ticked from this exact location? No? Me neither.

American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrows are one of the most underrated sparrows. I can still say that because it’s really exciting that they’re back for the winter, but give me three months and it will be a different story.

White-Crowned Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow

I finally caught a White-Crowned Sparrow, although this immature bird is not doing its name any favors. WCSP was one of the biggest holes in my list. That designation STILL rests with Eastern Towhee, though, especially since I have heard one but not seen any. My tally is up to 136, and I am already planning my next challenge for 2016.

Happy listing!


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