Birds Not Birds

This week was light on photos, so I will be brief. Biggest news is that I added three green birds, the best being Northern Harrier which I didn’t see last year.

Dam Seagulls.JPG

Dam Seagulls

The Maumee River Dam sports some impressive looking machinery. I am not sure if it actually does anything any more, but it sure makes a nice setting for gulls. A huge swarm was circling the area on Sunday, but I couldn’t pick out anything besides Ring-billeds.


Fox Squirrel

While I still don’t have any Fox Sparrows this year, Fox Squirrels are plentiful. I stopped to take a portrait of this guy at Foster Park.

With a lack of anything else bird-related to talk about, I was going to post a photo of the meth lab I found while scouting a building this week and some associated political and social commentary to go along with it. But I deleted it. Instead, I will talk about how if politicians were birds, I would be voting for the Bohemian Waxwing running for president this year. He’s the one who can be found in a northern state, makes sure everyone in the flock gets a chance to eat, and in all honesty is a little bit flighty and eccentric and is something nobody expects to see. Discuss among yourselves.


2 thoughts on “Birds Not Birds

  1. I like the waxwing comparison there. Congrats on the green birds and the meth lab. Two nights ago there were tons of sirens and firetrucks flying by and I found out a house near me blew up (ok, there were several explosions, the house still exists) because of people cooking hash oil.

    • Thanks… I got a waxwing tattoo 7 years ago specifically because of their socialist tendencies. I am ignorant about hash oil, but the Indiana Department of Natural Resources published a pamphlet and distributed among birders cautioning them on what portable meth labs look like and what to do if you find one in the woods. We are #1 in the country in total number of labs, which is pretty depressing considering we are #16 in population.

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