In Slaughterhouse Five, Billy Pilgrim has this question posed to him by a bird. It is the only question that makes sense to him after an event that does not make sense.

EATO Portrait 3.JPG


And so it was asked of me, too, this Easter in Morgantown, West Virginia. I was asked by this Eastern Towhee. It did not say, “drink your tea,” it said, “po-tee-weet.” That is the only thing that can be said to make sense of Morgantown, a town where hippies and hillbillies walk side-by-side. A place where pickup trucks and the Personal Rapid Transit system both traverse the mountainsides. This bird had a point. So my vendetta against the species is officially dropped. I spent some quality time with EATO.

EATO Portrait 4.JPG

He was not imploring me to drink my tea.

EATO Portrait 1

I officially motion to change the mnemonic for this bird.

EATO Portrait 2.JPG

The orange, brown, and gold here are straight out of 1969.

There was more than one emberizid around.


White-throated Sparrow

My grandparents’ deck made for a surprisingly great place to photograph sparrows.

Mourning Cloak.JPG

Mourning Cloak

I did get this one lifer out of the trip, too.


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