Good Tidings to You

This is just a quick post to all of you out there in bird land wishing you good winter holidays.

Front Yard Owl 12.17.2016.JPG

Barred Owl

This fellow showed up in my front yard last Saturday.

Front Yard 12.17.2016.JPG

A nice winter scene

It seemed very nice to have a wise sentinel keeping an eye on things from far above my roof.

And this owl/house combo seemed like a pretty great way to mention the other project I have going on right now:

1928 Front.jpg

Circa 1928

I have been diving head first into the history of my house. I am not sure if I will mention it much more on this blog, or if it will in fact feature here, or if I will otherwise share the information I find somewhere else. But my home for the last four years has played a big role in my birding in keeping my yard list, having Foster Park a few blocks away, and its ideal location as home-base for a motorless quest. And it seems to have a pretty cool story in and of itself, too.

I will check in again one more time before House Sparrows and American Crows once again become exciting new year birds, but until then I hope all of you have happy winter holidays, whichever ones they are that you celebrate. And I hope you are planning a productive and satisfying new year.


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