Not A Year In Review Post

2019 ended up being a great birding year! On my 5MR I had 143 species, and on my green list I had 139. Not spectacular numbers, but they included several lifers, state birds, and other cool species. I thought about doing a year in review post to show some of the highlights, but since I have hardly blogged in the last six months, just scroll down to see them in reverse chronological order. I had outstanding out-of-state birding in New Mexico, Michigan, and North Carolina and surpassed a milestone early in the year with life bird #300, a Greater Scaup (I’m currently at 303).


Hermit Thrush

To illustrate how random and scattershot my birding has been this fall, here is a Hermit Thrush. It was really the only good photo on my camera since the last time I blogged. And I have no idea where or when I took this photo. But I am sure I enjoyed it, whatever it was!

In 2020 I am again doing a 5MR just to see what I can turn up. I now have Friday afternoons off from work, which gives me the perfect opportunity to make the short ride to either the water treatment ponds or Johnny Appleseed Park to see what I can get in that circle.

I’m also still green birding, and maybe this year I can set a personal best and beat my high mark of 158. I am picking up species like crazy already, mostly because it has been so warm. I had both Yellow-rumped Warbler and Eastern Phoebe on my (very late) CBC on January 4th. I usually don’t see either of those birds until March at least.

So, I’m birding but not blogging very much. Facebook is a big reason why. I’ll probably still maintain this blog as a personal record or to brag about really cool stuff I find. But getting behind in writing doesn’t bother me as much as it used to.

I suppose I can’t REALLY end this post without a Bird Of The Year. Even though I saw some new and incredible things like Black and Gray-crowned Rosy-finches, Piping Plover, a self-found Mourning Warbler, and a first county record Harris’s Sparrow in 2019, my “best” bird was undoubtedly the Eastern Screech-Owl found by Jaime in our yard in the box that I built.



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