Back from a month off

Sorry for that long delay. In the mean time, I (finally) saw some Cedar Waxwings (#126) flying and zeeeing over my backyard in June. Year bird and yard bird at the same time. Word! Since then, I have seen them all over the place. It only took six months.

Recently, Fort Wayne has been enjoying a spate of several uncommon birds. I went chasing after one today and found it almost immediately perched on a fence at the Fort Wayne International Airport. Behold:

Upland Sandpiper

#127 Upland Sandpiper

Life bird and year bird #127, Upland Sandpiper! Not common in Indiana; more a resident of the open prairie. These guys are extremely early fall migrants, and it is likely that this one is on his way south even though it’s barely July.



I also happened upon the world’s angriest Red-Winged Blackbird. It happens.